The Book for Project Sponsors Who Are Ready to Win…

Project Sponsorship Book

Projects are crucial to a company’s growth and success.

Unfortunately, too many projects fail, wasting time and money while sinking stock prices and brand loyalty. These failures jeopardize the health of a company and the livelihood of its people.

In Project Sponsorship: Winning Strategies for Executive Leaders, Terri Carbone illustrates how simple shifts in mindset and habits can have a dramatic impact on the success of a project. Drawing on over two decades of experience in project management, Carbone offers compelling storytelling and practical strategies that will challenge and inspire executive sponsors to:

  • Cultivate a culture of integrity and accountability in the workplace;
  • Create better relationships with their project teams;
  • Maximize the usefulness of project-management methodologies;
  • Ask the key questions that will lead to fully informed decisions; and
  • Think critically to gain new insight into the process of project sponsorship.

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